Lana Yanovska - Selam (from Polarity series)Tell us a bit about yourself and your practice.

I am a Ukrainian photographer and video artist, living and working between Frankfurt (Germany) and Vöcklabruck (Austria). In my work, I explore the perception of gender and sexuality and challenge the viewer to look closer at her- or himself through it.

Lana Yanovska

What made you decide to apply for this year’s Winter Pride Art Awards?

This year’s theme ‘Beyond the Binaries’ is exactly what some of my projects are about.Lana Yanovska - Basak (from Polarity series)Why do you think it’s important that art is used to open up the discussion around LGBT+ issues and how do you think your practice interacts with these issues?

Art is free of norms and restrictions and speaks to people through their feelings and emotions. So I would say art is the best way to start a conversation, which can help to deconstruct prejudice, stereotypes and bias.

Lana Yanovska - Anna (from Polarity series)Can you tell us a little about the piece you’re exhibiting in reference to this year’s theme of ‘Beyond the Binaries’?

My project ‘Polarity’ is about androgyny. Androgynous people don’t fit in the typical gender boxes of a binary society, so the project plays with stereotypes and norms, showing the wide spectrum of what is considered ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’.

Lana Yanovska - Vic (from Polarity series)

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