Finalist – Hattie Grover

Hattie Lauren Grover & Daniel Joseph Harrison

Can you describe your work in five words?

Organically evolved choreography, kissed by the lens

What is your typical process when working?

My choreography is in response to a stimulus of some sort- music, a person/experience, or something I feel passionately about. I think about how this can be depicted through movement and film. Then Danny-Joe and I share our visions and work together to bring them to fruition

What is it that attracted you to apply for the Winter Pride UK 2014 Art Award?

I was recommended by a good friend and fellow dancer. I immediately new it was the prefect platform for the piece! Not only do we want to promote a pro gay message within the realms of society and social media, but we also want it to connect with individuals that can really identify themselves with the subject matter.

Although it is danced by one person, it’s a journey many of us can relate to. We are all part of a community and that’s another message I wanted to get across in Where the Heart is- A Video Adaptation. Your not alone.

How do you feel your work responds to the brief ‘#Art Is…’

To me #Art is a form of expression, and my expression is dance. A quote that has really stuck with me is one by Martha Graham,

‘the body says what words cannot’.

Art is about finding ways of communicating with people whatever the language.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

I find it hard to pin point what inspires me specifically, it changes as quickly as the weather in London! But nothing to me beats a good song. Daughter could be on my playlist all day everyday. Something in her acoustic tone inspires me to make movement! Simple but beautiful.

So there’s one of many things..

What are you most looking forward to at Winter Pride UK 2014?

Seeing all the art and performances! I love being in an environment where there are so many creative minds to pick at. It is also such an inspiring event to be a part of so I’m looking forward to seeing it all come together.

And of course…getting down on the dance floor!

Interview by Alice Botham, Winter Pride UK Arts Co-ordinator

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