Featured Artist – Cyrill Tronchet

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Can you describe your work in five words?

Ephemeral, Natural, Whimsical, Living, Organic

What is your typical process when working?

As all my creations are wearable, I like to see the model before starting my sketches/design process.
Then I begin to lay out all my materials to help to envisage the stages of making.

The end product is often altered and enhanced through out the creative process compared to the original sketches.
The nature of my work means that the process id very last minute due to the fact that I work with fresh cut flowers. So although I can work on my structure in advance the gluing and attaching of the flowers is done in the very final stages.

Once the garment is worn by the model, I can stand back and make any adjustments needed which for me is the most exciting part.

What is it that attracted you to the Winter Pride UK 2014 Art Awards?

The opportunity of participating in the awards has interested me as I feel that my ephemeral nature of work will be a diverse concept compared to other entries.

How do you feel your work responds to the brief ‘#Art Is…’

My work represents ‘#Art is…’ through the connection I have with Fashion, Nature, Design.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration, comes from the nature that surrounds me both in my career as a florist and in my passion for architecture, design, fashion and even music.

I love all the different textures, colours and shapes…that Mother Nature can offer us.

What are you most looking forward to at Winter Pride UK 2014?

I love to share my passions and creations with others. The opportunity to meet fellow artists and the audience is important to me as my work comes alive when viewed.

Interview by Alice Botham, Winter Pride UK Arts Co-ordinator

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