Winter Pride UK Founder – Rebecca Paisis




Hello Rebecca, how has life been since the last Winter Pride UK?

Life is always extremely busy but being involved in great projects such as Winter Pride and Out On The Dock which is our summer event that runs at the end of July is always so rewarding.


What made you start Winter Pride UK?

There were a number of contributing factors.  I wanted to create an event in the winter months when people’s calendars were not inundated with festivals.  It is generally a quieter time of the year for people so I wanted to create an event which the community could look forward to.  I also wanted to come away from the norm to provide a different awards ceremony full of inspiration and creativity while raising money for charities at the same time.


What has changed with Winter Pride UK this year?

This year we have focused entirely on visual and performance arts opening more channels to all artists we wanted to show that art can presented in many ways, celebrating the after party at frost festival our expected numbers have doubled this year to 4,000 people attending!


What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Winter Pride?

Being able to showcase the remarkable work that people have created.  There are many extremely creative and inspiring art pieces and performance which have been submitted this year so far and I am excited that the artists will be able to show their work at Winter Pride also working with partners Royal Airforce, Smirnoff & Gaydio.


Interview by Alice Botham, Winter Pride UK Arts Co-ordinator


Final few days to enter the Winter Pride Arts Awards! Deadline 31 October 2014. To enter visit:

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