Competition Finalist – Celia Gregory

CeliaCould you describe your creative process?
I am constantly seeking new ways to bring value to the oceans and the creatures that live in them, the source of materials and inspiration is continuously astonishing. The living sculptures in the sea program requires a lot of development work, so much of the process is building the capacity to enable a project to happen as they require a location underwater that is stable and requires on-going management. A simple sketch can capture the concept but months and even years are taken to enable the project to come to reality. It is magical unfolding a process that interacts with the living creatures of the sea. They live in and on the artworks which are dependent on a network and community of people for its creation and on-going success. I love the ever changing nature of the projects.

Which media do you prefer to work with and why?
I find inspiration from the sea; shell and dried creatures I find washed up on the beaches to living corals I plant on the artworks. I love nature and love the subtle detail within it; each shell, the slight variety of colour. I love to bring people’s attention to this intricacy.

What do you intend for the audience to take away from your works?
A feeling of inspiration and a greater feeling of value for the marine treasures of this world

Do you have a favourite artist and could you tell us about them?
I love the work of Christo, his epic landscape art, wrapping islands, I love the technicality and that most people see his work through photography. I also love Andy Goldsworthy. It is totally amazing how his art is an intrinsic part of the landscape. Both artists inspire my journey to create a new form of eco landscape art under the sea.

What do you find most challenging about being an artist?
The uncertainly it is both the freedom and the prison!

What did you most enjoy about Winter Pride UK 2014?
The opportunity for a wide selection of people to know more about the living sculptures in the sea and art working to restore the ocean.

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