Competition Finalist – Vardan Aslanyan


VardanCould you describe your creative process?
It is a hard and time consuming process for me. It takes me a huge amount of headwork until I start physically working on a new painting. Firstly I need to find a theme that triggers an inner discussion, then put the discussion into a readable image so it passes all my thoughts. I paint on my mind. It all starts in my head from the idea to the last small details on the painting. Only when I see it done in my head, then I start painting it. I almost never improvise during the actual painting process.


Which media do you prefer to work with and why?
I tried all sorts of media and experimented a lot when I was studying at university, but my favourite was always pencil. For many years it has been “the thing” for me but the time came that I felt I needed to do more. So I went back to oil painting and it had been so long I hadn’t used it, that it feels like a new technique now. I had to re-learn it and explore its character again. After a long break from oil painting, the first one was “Adam and Adam” which passed to the final of The Winter Pride. It was quite a surprise and a big honour!


What do you intend for the audience to take away from your works?
On the first place it is the impression – the positive impression! In my opinion the art has to be created for the audience. I don’t believe in the art for itself, the art without the audience. That is why it is important for me to know if my work impresses. When one gets interested in my work only then is it starting a silent conversation between us in the language of images. My aim is to take the one who is looking at my work on a journey into my world. I need them to experience the world of my emotions and images while standing in front of my painting. My paintings are open windows to my world of thoughts.


What do you find most challenging about being an artist?
I always try to find the best approach, technique and format and to develop new breath and interesting solutions to reflect my thoughts. Each time it is a new challenge.


What did you most enjoy about Winter Pride UK 2014?
This was the first time I was a part of this huge festival and I loved the creativity of the team! Hugely enjoyed the competition, the exhibition and the award ceremony! This is such an honour to be exhibited with such a versatile, talented bunch of artists and get to know them. In addition I think it is great that the LGBT UK community is getting more and more media exposure and I am glad to have a chance to contribute towards a healthier and happier society. Thanks Winter Pride UK 2014 for an unforgettable experience!



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The Winter Pride Competition Finalist artworks can now be seen at Winter Pride UK: The Next Level, Office Sessions at East India Dock from the 13 February – 13 March.

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